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Kansas Worker’s Compensation Overview

From the article “Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Workers’ Compensation Claims”

“The most important thing you must understand when dealing with insurance companies after a work-related accident is that they are in the business of providing insurance to make money. Insurance companies have to pay dividends and answer to stockholders. There is nothing wrong with this unless you do not realize this truth. Everything that insurance companies do, including the handling of your claim, is intended to make money. Insurance companies expect to pay some money on claims that occur as a result of work-related accidents. The amount of money they expect to pay on claims is called “reserves.” However, if an insurance company can pay less than their “reserves”, the additional profit goes into their stockholders’ pockets and not to the accident victims.”


Injuries at work often leave people questioning their next move. Concern about making waves at their place of employment can sometimes lead to the absolute worst course of action — inaction.

First of all, your fears are unfounded. Kansas workers have rights under the law that protect them. Second, and most urgent, from the moment the injury occurs, the clock starts ticking. You may only have as few as ten days, in some cases, and twenty days in others, from the date of the accident to report it to your employer’s designated representative or your claim may be dismissed. NEVER WAIT to report your injury and if you have any doubt if you are out of time, give us a call and we can do the calculation to see if you still have time. This is a free, no obligation consultation.

There are several other critical timelines throughout the claim process that you should become familiar with as well as general guidelines you should follow. Please follow the links for more information on these subjects, or contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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