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Top Causes Of Road Accidents

Cars have become more of priorities rather than luxuries, they help us to move around and go about our day to day errands with ease. The issues over car safety are always looming due to the number of car accidents recorded every year. Car accidents can be caused by several reasons, and they seem to be endless. The road is never predictable as so many variable factors are seen to contribute to road accidents. However, records have indicated that a considerable percentage of car accidents are caused by some specific reasons and here are some of them;

Human Errors

A top cause of car accidents is human errors. Vehicles are designed to respond to how one controls them. Sadly, we can only control our cars and not the ones that are around us. This way careless driving and errors caused by human drivers often lead to accidents. When driving, it is essential to try and do it in the best way and avoid any mistakes since other motorists may not anticipate them and thus cause an accident.

Distracted Driving

This is a common cause of accidents especially in recent years where technological gadgets have become more popular. Modern day cars come with a wide variety of features and amazing things such as LCD screens built into them. These gadgets are good but significantly distract the drivers. The world is busy, and people are always tempted to multitask, something that leads to accidents since one could get their eyes off the road for a few seconds and either lose control or hit another vehicle. One should drive when fully focused as distraction can prove to be disastrous.

Driving Under The Influence

It is a bad idea to drive while under the influence of anything that affects your normal thinking and decision making. This does not only refer to the drugs and alcohol but also other medicines that may lead to dizziness and other abnormal effects on your body. Not being in a clear state of mind affects your decision making and puts you at high risk of getting an accident.

Unfamiliarity With Road Regulations

When you go to a new area, understand that the traffic laws may not be similar to those in the area you are used to. This lack of knowledge on the road regulations can lead to accidents since you would do something that other road users do not expect.


Sometimes we run late or get tired and thus want to reach where we are going faster. Modern day cars are powerful and can hit top speeds but the faster you drive, the higher the risk of getting an accident. The road limits are put in place for a reason and always try to adhere to them if you want to be safe. A speeding car is harder to control, and a small error can lead to a fatal accident.

Poor Visibility

It is dangerous to drive in conditions where you cannot see the road and other motorists. Common causes of poor visibility are rain, fog, mist, night driving, poor headlights, and dirty or cracked windshields. When you find yourself in conditions where you can’t see the road due to storms and weather conditions, it is better to find shelter and wait for it to pass. When you can’t see the way, it is hard to anticipate any risks on the road especially if you are driving fast.

Mechanical Problems

Several different reasons can cause these. One is the failure to maintain a car and ensuring that it is in top condition. Things such as bad tires, poor suspension, and bad brakes are things that should be attended to promptly. They only jeopardize your safety when driving since they could hinder your ability to control your car well thus leading to accidents. In rare cases, manufacturer malfunction can be attributed to crashes though most of the time, they recall the cars when problems have been identified.

Other notable causes of road accidents are;

  • Faulty traffic lights.
  • Animals.
  • Poor road conditions.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Obstacles.
  • Tailgating.
  • Drivers who are not qualified.

If you are involved in an accident due to the fault of another driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak with an experienced car accident attorney by visiting this link.

Some of the top causes of car accidents have been mentioned, and most of them are seen to be related to the driver. You only have one life to live and do not endanger it by driving recklessly or putting yourself at risk of an accident.

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