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How To Prepare For Bar Exams

After becoming law graduate now it’s time to take the bar exam. Here are few bar review courses that are designed to get fully ready for the exam in any state. After getting through the law school, the only hurdle left in the quest to join the legal profession is to pass the bar exam. Many aspirant lawyers enroll in the bar review course which helps them study to crush the bar exam. The host of various bar review options which offers the mixture of online and in-person platforms, boot camps, tutoring workshops, bar exam study tips and aids, and additional services are available. Many courses offer various sorts of ‘guarantees’ in form of  Bar prep discount for the law students who did not pass the bar exam in the first attempt and need to repeat.

When selecting the bar review course usually the criteria considered is material, cost, and format. Whether the student needs complete guide regardless of cost or just looking for the cost-effective refresher course? It depends on students if they learn more from live or video lectures or prefer to study on their own time? Some needs help with the writing essays or multiple-choice questions? Some students need individual attention. will provide complete guidance to select the best Bar review course. Here is the overview of five bar review courses.

KAPLAN Bar Review

Kaplan offers various online courses and live video option across the country. Study accessories of Kaplan bar exam consist of a mobile app with customized flashcards and unlimited access to essay grading and MBE questions. Those students who plan to take bar exams of the adjoining states might be interested in taking the offers of adjoining Kaplan such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, or Connecticut and Massachusetts. Course prices vary according to the options, states, and available special deals at any given time.

Themis Bar Review

Themis bar review is a fully online course. The study mode of Themis is based on the period of 8-10 weeks and has routine task along with the essay practice questions, MBE, comprehensive outlines, Milestone exams, interactive handouts, and 24/7 support during the period of study. According to a website, in 2015 summer bar exam, state pass rates of Themis first-time bar takers war more in many jurisdictions, including New York (83% to 79%) and California (69% to 66%).


Adapti bar is the online course that focuses mainly on the MBE questions. With the addition to the simulated questions, in AdaptiBar course, every licensed question that is released by the National Conference of the Bar Examiners is included.

Barmax Bar Review

Barmax review course was developed by the Harvard Law Graduates for iPads and iPhones and for the New York and California bar exams, UBE jurisdiction is now included in the BarMax. According to a website, the state pass rate in 2015 of BarMax students exceeded on both in New York and California bar exams.

Barbari Bar Review

This is oldest and well-known bar review course. Barbari offers the various options of live video and online course from coast to coast. It includes features like personal study plan which prioritizes and accesses the daily study agenda. It’s an interactive online method for the essay portion preparation of bar exam.

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