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Lawyer On The Line®

We have recently restarted Lawyer On The Line® after being off of the air for a one year break. You can now Watch Lawyer On The Line® live every Sunday night at 10:35 on KAKE Channel 10 and on Monday and Wednesday on KSAS at 8:00 AM., the local Wichita FOX affiliate. This show is available throughout Kansas and it can also be viewed by going to Facebook and liking us there and then watching the Facebook live stream of the show every Sunday at 10:35. You can also catch reruns of our show on a Facebook live stream by going to our Facebook page and liking us there. During our show we take live phone calls from viewers with their personal injury and workers compensation questions. We also have special guests and education material we provide on the show. For more information about Lawyer On The Line®, go to and open the community pull-down menu or go to the “specialist” pull down and click on our page. Or just go to our website at

In August 2004 Riedmiller launched a live television talk show called Lawyer On The Line®. The show airs live at 10:30pm Sundays on KAKE-TV, Channel 10 (ABC) in Wichita, KS.

The show also airs throughout the week on  KAKE-TV, KSCW, and KSAS.

Days Time
8:00am Mytv-wichita_logo-copy

The goal of our show is to educate each and every Kansan about their rights in personal injury and workers compensation matters so they can make real and effective choices in proceeding with their claim including how to hire and fire an attorney, whether you even need an attorney, how your case is valued and how to avoid pitfalls and traps that can trip you up and cost you money.

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