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Distracted Driving Is A Serial Killer

Drivers who are distracted put not only themselves at risk but everyone else using the road as well. According to NHTSA, one of every ten fatal crashes in the country involves distraction resulting in over 3,000 deaths per year. Distracted drivers are a danger to everyone else on the road because they lose their focus on the traffic in front of them and aren’t prepared to handle any emergencies that may arise. Most states including Florida, have laws that specifically prohibit texting while driving or reading texts or emails while driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated in a report that nearly 9 people are killed and 1,000 people are injured every day due to distracted driving.

Primary Causes of Distracted Driving in Florida

Florida is a tourist hotspot with a lot of gorgeous scenery where motorists may get lost trying to find a beach or a night club. People may get involved in a crash while trying to find an address but it’s not the main reason people don’t pay attention behind the wheel. Distracted driving is usually caused by:

Texting, talking, or using computer devices while driving – Drivers who attend a call from their spouses or friends generally don’t pay attention to driving. If it is absolutely necessary to take a call, a motorist should pull over to a safe spot and use their phone away from the roads and highways. It is advisable to put the phone on silent mode and you not have to worry about the phone at all. The majority of people believe that hands-free phones are safer than handheld phones while driving although research studies conclude that hands-free cell phones offer no significant safety benefits over handheld phones. Remember, hands-free is not risk-free. Many states and cities have laws that ban drivers from using handheld phones but allow hands-free use and this serves to confuse the issue further.

Daydreaming – Drivers must stay focused on the road. Certain people are prone to daydreaming and they get lost in paying too much attention to the party scene, or zoning out which can cause them to miss a traffic sign or a car braking suddenly in front of them thereby causing a collision.

Eating and drinking while driving – Certain motorists have a habit of eating or drinking while driving which causes them to not have their hands on the steering wheel. It is always advisable to take five minutes to finish a sandwich or drink before turning on the ignition and getting on the road.

Passenger interaction – Drivers need to understand that turning to talk to passengers or focusing on their children in the back seat serves to take their eyes off the road. If you are driving with children or passengers you should plan and prepare the children or other passengers for your trip.

Adjusting or looking at controls – Certain motorists have the tendency to fiddle around with the CD, the radio, GPS system, heater, or other car controls while driving and playing with these devices easily cause a driver to lose focus on the highway and become involved in a crash or a collision.

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