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Consequences Of Rear-End Car Crashes

The most frequent types of the collision occurring are rear-ended car wrecks. Moreover, in many of such accidents, there involved a vehicle that immediately stops before the collision. Most severe and painful injuries sustained by the victims of car crash happen because of being rear-ended. Luckily, compensation can and should be collected from the responsible parties by the injured parties, therefore if involved in the car collision and was rear-ended, it is important to seek the services of a skilled car accident lawyer who will help to explain the available legal options.

Causes of Accident

Certain actions, especially those which require the driver take off his/her eyes off the road, are likely to result in the rear end car collision. Majority of the rear end crashes include a driver who is involved in the below activities:

  • Driver fatigue
  • DUI (driving under the influence)
  • Driving in bad weather such as heavy rain, sleet, snow, or fog, which can prevent the driver from stopping the car immediately to avoid the collision.
  • Driving or tailgating aggressively
  • Distracted driving, like eating, adjusting in-car technologies, and eating.

Injuries the Rear End Car Accidents

Such behaviors can have distressing consequences for the other victim drivers who may not even know that another car is about to hit them. Majority of the common injuries that are sustained by the victims in the rear end crashes are spine and neck injuries. This happens as a result of forcing of the impact snapping forward the head that can pull the muscles, damage the spine, and tear the ligaments. The headrest position also plays a role in either protecting the head from injury or make the injury worse.

If hit from behind then there is the possibility of suffering severe chest injuries as a result of striking with the steering wheel forcefully. The consequence of this trauma is the susceptibility to injuries of the organs with attached ligaments, such as spleen, aorta, and liver. Both passengers and drivers are vulnerable to the pelvic fractures and femur dislocation because of striking the dashboard forcefully.

Due to the forceful impact with an airbag, facial injuries may be sustained such as lacerations, bruising, and fractures. Many drivers prior to the collision experience wrist sprains and fractures from striking against the steering wheel. There are a number of factors on which the severity of injury depends:

  • Victim’s age and health
  • Number of cars crashed
  • Vehicle’s size
  • The speed of the cars traveling at the accident time.

Possible Injury Symptoms

Some injuries immediately manifest whereas some may take longer to appear. Injury symptoms vary depending upon the main injury area. But most common symptoms are sustained by the rear end collision victims include:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Muscle spasms
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Losing muscle control
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Pain and weakness
  • Loss of feeling the limbs
  • Limited movement in the injured body parts.

There may have serious consequences if ignoring these symptoms, so it is vital for the wreck victim to be examined by the doctor as early as possible if sustained any pain. Also, after medical treatment, schedule a consultation with the Visalia car accident attorney to receive the compensation for the medical bills, pain and suffering, or lost wages.

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