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Witnessing an Accident

Witnesses can be very valuable in helping accident victims prove their cases. While those injured in accidents are often surprised by the events swirling around them, witnesses can often describe what happened before, during and after an accident. Thus, they may be able to provide extremely important information about who was at fault. It should also be noted that even witnesses who did not actually see an accident might be able to provide very relevant input. If they saw the victim immediately after the accident, they may be able to confirm his or her pain and discomfort. Sometimes, witnesses may… Read More

Responsibility For Others Actions

According to the legal theory of imputed negligence, one may be held responsible for someone else’s negligence. For example, if an employee were to cause injury due to negligent driving, his or her employer may be held responsible if the employee was working on the employer’s clock at the time of the accident. Similarly, in a few limited circumstances, the owner of an automobile may be held responsible for the negligence of a driver who received the car owner’s permission, implied or expressed, to drive his or her car. Thus, those injured due to someone else’s negligence should not dismiss… Read More

In Harms Way

When a person is physically harmed as the result of the negligence of another, the law requires that the plaintiff be restored to his/her pre-injury condition. Both economic (out-of-pocket) and non-economic (loss of physical and mental well-being) losses are restored through monetary compensation. “General damages” refers to such non-economic losses as: pain and suffering”. The valuation of such loss is left largely to the jury’s discretion. “Special damages” are those awarded for such compensable harms as medical expenses and lost wages. These can easily be quantified with the help of bills, pay stubs, and the like. The important thing for… Read More

Following Suit

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system by which employers guarantee payments to employees injured on the job, while employees relinquish the right to sue employers for work-related injuries. When employees suffer work-related injuries, they should notify their employers as soon as possible and ask for a claim form to fill out. If the claim is accepted, benefits should commence promptly. If the claim is partly or completely denied, an employee can have it reviewed by the workers’ compensation administrative judge. And, an employee can file an administrative appeal if he or she does not agree with the judge’s decision, and… Read More

Some Rear-End Crashes Are Not “Fender Benders”

Rear-end crashes are extremely common. But assuming these accidents are less serious than other types of wrecks is incorrect. Many people suffer extreme, life-changing injuries in rear-end accidents. Your head, neck, shoulders and spine all suffer serious harm in these crashes. Many people even suffer paralysis or death. Medical costs and other expenses are very high, clearly proving why you need a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer. Rear-End Collisions Cause Whiplash and Other Types of Injuries Whiplash is one of the most common injury types, for rear-end accidents. This strain or sprain of your neck’s soft tissues affects structures… Read More

Safety Tips For Driving In Inclement Weather Conditions

There have been a spate of hurricanes throughout the US this past year particularly in the state of Florida. In the wake of every, hurricane, tornado or tropical storm, residents of Florida are forced to decide whether to evacuate or seek shelter. This is a crucial decision when you take into consideration the hazardous conditions of the roads during and after a natural catastrophe like a hurricane. It is imperative to identify and understand the hazards on the road in such conditions and take preventative measures to avoid or minimize the risk of getting into an auto accident. An accident… Read More

Workers’ Comp Audit Via Payroll System

The purpose of workers’ compensation is to protect the employees from the expenses of lost income or medical care if they get injured at work. The workers’ compensation cost is related directly to payroll. Different classifications are used in different kinds of work (depending on the chances of injury). Each classification has specific rates. These rates vary from state to state because of different loss experience. These rates are same within the state. Exposures in Workers’ Comp The workers’ compensation premium is determined ultimately by company’s exposures. The two basic types of exposures for this policy are remuneration (payroll) and… Read More

Labor Rights And Employee Termination

Labor rights strengthen the position of labors and save them from any sort of injustice. There are several labors that are associated with an organization or company. According to the law, all of them have got some basic rights. If an employer deprives those laws or violates them, then the labor should take a stand for his rights and seek legal help to seek them by knocking the doors of the court. It is the right of the employee that the employer cannot fire him for no reason or for a wrongful reason. If the employer fire the employee for… Read More

Medical Malpractice In Diagnosing Breast Cancer

The sooner the breast cancer is diagnosed, the better it is. Time management is important for a cancer patient to get him adequate treatment. However, there can be times, when the doctor inadequately diagnosis the patient or fails to diligently perform his duty in identifying the symptoms, that could put one’s life in danger. Cancer escalates with time. A woman can only survive breast cancer if she is adequately treated on time. Percy Martinez Law firm specializes in dealing with scenarios that involve delay in treatment or by chance, negligently diagnosing a breast cancer patient. The malpractice firm has been… Read More

Staying Safe When Working With Electricity

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